Brigid’s Well, Kildare, Ireland.
Roman Catholic Church of Saint Brigid of Ireland, Lilly, Pennsylvania. (Presently the Church Worship Site of Our Lady of the Alleghenies Parish.)

Brigid’s Cross is a Religious and Spiritual Goods Boutique, located in the heart of the Cambria City Historic District in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

While having a strong focus on Catholic religious tradition, our boutique, along with our workshops, classes, reflections and retreats, represents various faiths and spiritual practices.

Our patron, Saint Brigid of Kildare, was a leader, scholar, teacher, and benefactor of the poor. She is revered in her native Ireland and many Irish immigrants brought this devotion to the United States. Locally, Saint Brigid was the patroness of the Roman Catholic Parish in Lilly, which was the home parish of one of our owners.

In 2017, our owners visited Kildare, including Saint Brigid’s Well. This unexpected pilgrimage holds a very special place for them since they blessed the crosses that they wear in Brigid’s holy water.

In 2019, the former Saint Brigid’s School in Lilly was demolished. It was decided by the present parish to not repurpose the historic structure. The determination to preserve the legacy of Saint Brigid’s Parish and School, served as the inspiration in naming the boutique in honor of this special saint and her symbolic cross. The legacy of the parish and Saint Brigid herself reflect each other; both promoted peace through prayerful worship, education, and building community.

Although a building dedicated to learning under her patronage would have been the ideal location for an endeavor like Brigid’s Cross, God creates the path that we are to follow. Saint Brigid herself believed in this Divine Providence with all of her heart and lived it through her teaching and deeds.

In 2020, Saint Brigid’s legacy, saint, parish and school, lives on at the corner of 6th and Chestnut in Cambria City. The boutique, guarded by century-old carved statues of Saint Columba and the Sacred Heart of Jesus (historic treasures of the Irish community in Cambria City) and brick from the former St. Brigid’s School in Lilly, serves to bring peace to all who enter.

May Brigid Be With Us! – Bealtaine Bríde Bí Linn!

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